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Bigger and Better 

       An oversized watch is truly eye-catching! It might seem to be too appealing or too loud for some people, but guess what? Showing your classic timepieces is indeed something that you should never think of hiding from others, and there’s always a time and place for you to flash a big watch on your wrist.

      Fashion over the years has developed tremendously, but jewelry watches remained a trend here to stay as it said a lot to men when it comes to finding an indispensable accessory to be adopted. It adds value to their overall dressing style and fashion sense. Generally, the timepieces are called oversized with over 42-44mm diameter case size. It is known to be bigger than the average traditional size of 40mm. Here’s a tip for you to choose an oversized watch, which is man should always go for classic designs that exude modern appeal and sophistication, just like our QR 777 timepieces series with 43.5mm luxury design.

Your Watch Says About You

      It is not an easy task to start with a dial design that can strike balance with the uses of colour, textures, and materials and stands attractive enough to hold one’s attention. Well, we take this as a challenge and we hope that we make it through in our QR777 timepieces series. 

Black Colour Dial

     The colour of the dial chosen for these series are all comes in black. In this QR777 timepieces series, we strike with the design that gives power, formality, and practicality as we believe all these qualities that a mature and confident man will obsess with all the time. 

      Besides, that is a simple fact that watches with black dials often come with a white or luminous or hands that make it easier to tell the time in conditions of low light or poor visibility. Therefore, it makes up the design of QR777 series timepieces to fit with this concept, the black dials come along with white hour hands gives a contrast colour effect with a clearer view of time display. 

   Something you should never miss upon our QR777 series timepieces is its fluorescent light dial display that ensures its visibility performance for accurate time reading even in the dark.

Multiple Colours of Ring 

    We offer a selection of colours in both the rings that come in Silver, Black, and Rose Gold that matches with the coloured stainless steel bracelets design. We believe every colour shares a different feeling and it describes the emotion and personality of the person who wears it as well. 

     Silver, a representative colour that can set off the owner’s charm, glamorous, exquisite, and charming. Black, is giving the sense of steady and calm which possess mystery and wisdom. In colour psychology, rose gold works by creating a sense of calm and alleviating anger. Not only luxury but also a mature style. We hope you find your true color that represents your personality with a message that you would love to deliver to others.

Life is about Time Travelling

GMT Complication 

      You can now keep track of two time zones simultaneously. If you are a continental traveller, who always travel for leisure or even for business purpose. GMT functions of QR777 series can accommodate multiple time zones using a 24-hour rotating bezel that allows wearer to tell the time of two different time zone. No matter where you are, where you go, your watch will always tell an accurate time at where you stay. Two-time zone watch with an independently set 24-Hour Hand was the overall idea on how it works, and thanks to the RONDA Caliber 515.24H of Swiss Part Movement makes it happen.  

Date Complication 

    Never miss celebrating the wonderful events with your loved ones, we offer a date complication design where you can always check the date window to know when you are at now. We hope it helps you to better plan your upcoming events and always gets prepared for any challenges ahead. The digital date shows the date displayed numerically through a window on the dial which is located at the three o’clock position, clearly presented on the entire view of the watch.

Swiss Part 515.24H Ronda Movement 

      Ronda Caliber 515.24H(24H for 24hours) is basically a caliber 515 with an added GMT complication. In the making of the QR777 timepiece, we selected the RONDA Powertech 500 caliber (515.24H) from the Swiss Part Quart Movement series to ensure more reliable quality watches can be produced. This type of caliber provided features such as repairable metal watch movement, a power-saving mechanism with pulled-out stem to time setting mode to achieve approximately 70 % on power consumption, and a very powerful stepping motor. Moreover, the number 317 battery cell is used for the Ronda Caliber 515.24H and it has a longer battery life of up to 45 months than usual. If you are not going to wear your timepiece for an extended period of time, just initiate the power-saving mechanism to secure a longer battery life.

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