Value Beyond Your Expectation, World-Class Style at Best Price.

    Over a century, the jewellery watches industry remains leading in the global fashion market for both men and women. However, it is surprising to know that men are more interested in purchasing more timepieces than women in the global fashion market. The reason behind it is pretty simple and direct – Men wear watches and they love them, just like how men’s watches are always focused on the detail of design that gives feelings of simplicity and clean concept.

   As the founder of QR OYES SDN BHD with the title of Malaysians Very First Online Watch Broadcaster Cum Founder, Andrew still finds that watches are an irresistible fashion item to goes with a stylish man. In his opinion, a watch is certainly not just a necessity these days, it creates something more valuable with a time-to-time purchase for a watch collection, special edition watches launched for a special occasion or seasonal launch, and possibly an unforgettable precious moment to remember with a specific purchase from your love one.

    Men have far fewer fashion options than women. A man might own a fine suit, a selection of ties, and a pair of nice leather shoes, but a man can also own some blue jeans, a nice Polo Tee, and a pair of sporty sneakers. However, when it comes to watches personal expression of his taste and preferences, the wristwatch is the go-to accessory. It tells people about your character and what you want to portray as an image to the eye of others.

   Andrew believes that watches not only portray an image of status but as far as a symbol of style, it is something that he always takes note for not judging a book on its cover, but the value underneath a creation. He was very particularly demanding in the quality of the watches he purchased and that makes it a motto of brand concept to deliver to his customers about QR watches. It’s the quality that counts, along with the story that the watch tells but not just the worth monetary value.

    When it comes to the personality and self-portrayal of the image of a man wearing a watch, he is seen as dependable. To others, he is said to be a person who valued time management and he is a very time-oriented person while carrying out his daily task. It is not only describing him alone but it also tells how he is being punctual and value other people’s time as well. After all, time is money right.

    Even though he has builds endless connections and networks in the watches industry for being a specialized dealer on world renowned timepieces throughout the years. He is still very passionate about chasing his dream to create his own watches brand that suits not only everyone but, on any occasion, and anyplace with an affordable price.