Sports & Swimming

A Fearless Swimmer

     Another highlight feature that you should never miss up with our QR777 design is its waterproof ability. It is suitable for low velocity and shallow-water activities including, swimming with its water-resistant ability up to 50 Meters depth (5ATM waterproof). 

316L Stainless Steel Case

   The material of 316L stainless steel can survives the contact without any damage and is highly water-resistant. Meanwhile, 316L is also the surgical grade of stainless steel, the casing of the watch is well protected and can be wear when swimming or diving in the swimming pool and sea. The fact that surgical steel like 316L stainless steel only released a very insignificant amount of nickel. Therefore, it is safe for allergy sufferers as it is anti-allergenic when the stainless steel closes up to the body and your skin.

Be Sporty Be stylish  

      You can be both sporty and stylish as you wish, and men should be bold and confident to discover their fashion style. We hope to encourage every man to embrace his style and become the next fashion trend on the street with our QR777 wristwatch series.

Silicone Quick Release Rubber Strap 

      Never underestimate your potential to be the next fashion trend, you can always play with the silicone strap while matching your sports outfit for any sports event or daily sports activity. An amazing fact that you might need to know is that the rubber utilized here is flexible and very durable. The perforated strap makes it easy to fasten or unfasten your watch. Therefore, you can always wear it while you are doing sports or workout. Nothing will ever stop you from chasing your fashion style anywhere, anytime. 

304L Stainless Steel Bracelet

    You might not hear this before, but it is indeed a fact that you need to know about our QR777 series watch bracelet. The 304Lstainless steel material is sleek, modern, and highly resistant to rust as long as the surface is free from defects. You can always wear it in hot or cold weather without any concern about the surrounding temperature will cause any damage to its longevity. You can even wear it while swimming because it is air or chemical corrosion resistant. It is just fine to let your watch be exposed a little to seawater or corrosion environment.