Suitable For Any Occasion

Wear it in any Business Occasion

      Our QR 777 design is inspired by the most iconic watches design of all time-Stainless Steel wristwatch that suits for business professionals to attend any business occasion or even daily working style of jewellery watches choice. The design and styling for this whole creation of the QR777 series are based on 3 key concepts which are focused to deliver Simplicity, Sophistication, and Personalization. We hope it adds value to business occasions.

    It may sound less fascinating with common materials used like stainless steel. However, the truth is that a lot of watchmakers are reintroducing this old style (Retro) as in the past, watches are always made from steel. If you notice, many prestigious brands not to mention the name are showing their inclination toward a more economic material. It shows a preference for classic, vintage-inspired pieces in the creation of watchmaking. 

     Stainless Steel Bracelet is made of metal watch straps and it is tough and provides a sense of stability because it is heavy. It seems to be a perfect choice if you want to look smart for a more formal occasion, it can easily match with your outfits to give a solid feeling.

Create Your Own Streetwear fashion

    Are you feeling surprised with how your Stainless-Steel wristwatch can transform into another fashion Streetwear wristwatch? Life is not just about working but enjoying your leisure time after work. Therefore, we provided an interchangeable strap with silicone strap material for any casual wear to attend to any occasion. 

    You can now pair with any one of the straps or bracelets that we provided in QR777 timepieces to create your own version of streetwear fashion. In your preference and taste, you can always change your desire strap or bracelet according to the mood and style you want.